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We specialize in creating and supporting events specifically for corporate and business events.

There is a real necessity today to attract public attention to your business, to meet with partners and potential clients, to build relationships and motivate staff. All of these aspects are very important for successful activity in a business world. Of course you understand that a lot of depends on the way your company’s presentation would be done. It is a great effort to arrange an important event from A to Z because of many nuances, which take a lot of time.

Our specialists will completely take over development of the plan, the general idea and the concept of your event. They’ll make an estimate, organize and hold an important event with all responsibility.

Our team prepares an individual plan of the event, including your wishes and creative trends in the modern EVENT community. We make an estimate free of charge, discussing all the details.

How to choose the venue for the conference, important meetings, workshops or other event? You have to look through dozen venue for the conference!

We have more than 300 partners, who are ready to provide the area of various sizes. Our specialists will select the venue and make a presentation specifically based on the concept of your event.

We provide full technical support of the event. Also we take on our control the response of changes by force majeure in the rules of the event.

Sometimes the success of the planned event and further relationships with its partners depend on the professionalism and quality of meeting guests. We will meet and escort a group of people or VIP.

What do you need to do to remember the event and to leave a positive emotion after it? You shouldn’t forget about fun! We will prepare and conduct cultural and entertainment for all tastes and ages: visiting museums, exhibitions, theaters, recreation.

We will create a positive image about your company, taking care not only about business, but also about spiritual component.

We offer the professional photo and video report of the event

There is an opportunity to discuss business problems, hold conferences, without the possibility of personal meetings because of territorial remoteness.

It is very important that during the conference, participants can find information about the event, which reflects the basic position, given the details and contact information.

We will collect, edit and publish theses, articles and advertising information about the event and your company.

The activity of your employees depends on the quality of their recreation. Physical and spiritual condition of your staff will give a positive growth for your company.